Our family has been homeschooling for 10+ years. Lots of mistakes, but also lots of victories! How do we do it? By the grace and mercy of God 😉!

Initially, I began with Abeka, but it served to be too much prep for me. Abeka has served many families well, but it wasn’t a good fit for me. Then I was introduced to Classical Conversations (CC) when our big girl was about 7 years old. By this time, I had homeschooled herfor a year, put her in schoolfor a year, and pulled her out to homeschool full-time 🤣! I just wasn’t sure! None of my friends were homeschooling at the time, and I didn’t know of any families of color that were homeschooling so it was pretty challenging to continue. By the grace of God, our first year homeschooling (the year that I “tried” it) I was able to have her reading 2 grades above grade level. I cried when she could read her first book all by herself! It was such a confidence booster and a great accomplishment for her and for me. Yet, I still put her back in school 🤨 all the while prayerful if I was doing the right thing.

That year was brutal! She was bullied, experienced racism, and was lost…literally lost! She should have been in an afterschool activity, but an uninformed substitute put her on the school bus when I thought she was still at school. Luckily, I taught her my phone number and address, so she called me from some stranger’s house. I was livid but also thankful that she was alright.

The summer following that school year, I went to a Christian conference where I had the pleasure to speak to an array of homeschool families that homeschool part-time, full-time, elementary only, through middle school, and the whole way! Praise God for allowing me to experience the wisdom of these families before our family made a final decision. We pulled her out on August 26th before we arrived home and committed to homeschooling that September with Classical Conversations!

Our big girl was not a fan and was never really fully down with the idea, but God prevailed. Through Classical Conversations, community, and my learning to customize the curriculum to our family’s needs, she soared all the way to high school, developing excellent oral and written communication skills. She is a gifted poet, skillful debater, and organized teacher. To be frank, CC lacks LOTS of cultural diversity; however, we have learned to customize the curriculum to our needs and God’s glory! With the added benefit of a historian like my husband and their father, we have been able to incorporate a fuller narrative that includes and discusses the contributions of people of color to this world (Acts 17:26-27). We have studied the evils perpetuated through history, and God’s take on it, all while confirming that God’s perspective is the first point of view by which all our opinions and behaviors should fall. Since our big girl began, we have added three more to the mix, and it continues to be a rollercoaster of a ride! I continue to grow in learning, directing programs, teaching writing, and discussing literature.

I’m thankful for the opportunity and privilege to continue and will be in continued prayer for our growth and potential to change the world all to His glory!

Jamia E.
Christian. Wife. Mother. Educator. Model. Actress.
Lord, give me the wisdom to navigate through this life all to your glory. 
James 3:13-18